Q?What are the guidelines regarding ‘FLYING’ after diving?

A.If only one dive is undertaken then a minimum of 12 hours is recommended before flying (to an altitude of 300 metres or greater). If doing multiple dives, an interval of 24 hours is recommended.

Q?Can my son/daughter dive?

A.Yes if accompanied by yourself or a legal guardian, the minimum age is 12 yrs for introductory diving and is subject to the successful completion of a medical questionnaire and the PADI Discover Scuba Diving briefing.

Q?I am a certified diver but haven’t dived for some time, can I do a refresher?

A.If you do not have a chance to do a refresher before travelling, you can participate in the first introductory dive of the day and if comfortable then participate in the 2nd and 3rd certified dive.

Q?Do I need my dive certification card?

A.Yes. We accept most certification cards including PADI, Maui and SSI. If you forget your card, evidence of certification may be provided by log book or verification letter from your certifying dive company. We can provide assistance if you are PADI affiliated.

Q?How many dives can we do?

A.Certified divers can do up to 3 certified dives during the day. Introductory divers can do 2 dives.

Q?I am keen to do an introductory dive, can I pull out if I am not comfortable?

A.You can withdraw from the dive at any time under the care of the instructor. Please note if you have commenced the dive (ie. let go of the skills decent line and started the dive) you will be charged the diving fee.

Q?Can anyone do an introductory dive?

A.No experience is necessary however age and medical conditions apply. The minimum age is 12 years. Some medical conditions prevent diving, for example, asthma or respiratory conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes and certain medications. Diving is subject to medical questionnaire.

Q?Can we take children?

A.Yes, any age is welcome accompanied by an adult, however we highly recommend that children be confident in the water. Babysitting facilities are not available onboard. The minimum age for scuba diving is 12 yrs.

Q?My child is certified to dive, but I will not be travelling with him / her? Do I need to sign a waiver?

A.If your child is under the age of 15 years they are unable to travel without a parent or legal guardian . If your child is between the ages of 15 -18 years he / she can travel unattended but a dive waiver (either certified or introductory) and letter signed by you the parent / legal guardian giving permission for your child to dive, must be presented to the crew on the day before travel for your child to be allowed to dive. Please contact our office for the required paperwork.

Q?And during a season of rains there is a diving on Phuket?

A.Fundamental difference of this season in the direction of a wind, on popular beaches of West side big waves and it isn’t always possible to bathe. But for diving it not a hindrance, and just the opposite. And if it is impossible to lie on a beach, then necessary to go to dive and derive from rest pleasure.
The season of rains still it is called «a low season», Similansky islands are closed.
And all other places for immersions remain are available, Racha-Yai, Phi-Phi, Shark Point, Anemon reef, King Cruiser and all others dive places are available within day for dive, an exit from a pier in the morning and in the evening return.

Q?What to do if the certificate wasn’t delivered after 90 days?

A.1. Order the electronic certificate. For this purpose it is necessary to install a mobile application on the phone (see here) and further to follow the instruction. In this case the plastic certificate isn’t necessary to you in principle.
2. Write inquiry to the Moscow representation of PADI with a request to receive repeated plastic certificate at their office, then it is necessary to come around and take away it. It must be done within two weeks on the expiration.
The repeated copy is free, and in case of sending the certificate to the third time, it will be necessary to pay for transfer.On all questions address, we will be always glad to help.

Q?How much time need to wait for delivery of the certificate?

A.As you knows, «temporary» certificate are written out for 90 days. It is meant that during this period the certificate to the specified address has to come.
By experience, across the territory of Russia the maximum in two months reaches.
Q?What with itself to take on the ship?

A.I hope, you already managed to read the section with the description the diving of the ship and understood that by the ship practically there is EVERYTHING for comfortable rest. The food and drinks by the ship will and it isn’t necessary to take with itself «dry ration».

And here a towel, sunscreen, small cash ащк tipping team and … …. beer, and also good mood to take with itself won’t prevent.